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AC charge station

AC charge station for busines(2.0 version)


This"Hivewallbox" charge station 2.0 version for business has a simple and stylish appearance and a built-in main control board up to automotive industry standards. As a business-purpose wallbox charger, it has a human-machine interaction interface. Multiple electrical protections, and intelligent charging settings are achieved in this charger. It supports multiple payment methods such as swiping card charging, scanning code charging, and mobile payment.Bluetooth, WIFI, APP, QR code,orderly charging, scheduled charging, etc.are all available upon request. It has a Type B leakage protection level. It supports GB/T, Type 2 and Type 1 charging. The GB/T version of this charger meets the latest requirements of Shanghai government on AC charging piles. The Type 2 version of this charger is compatible with the OCPP communication protocol.

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