Design of high voltage cable for electric vehicle

Feb 19, 2020

1. Soft design
The flexibility of high voltage cable is basically determined by the hardness of conductor. This means that large diameter cables use very small diameter single wire conductors. In this way, a certain number of single stranded wires can be made into the soft conductor required for high-voltage wires.
The advantage of polyconductors is that the bending distance is increased, the bending resistance is better, and the service life is longer.
2. Insulation design
High voltage and high current need to consider the heat resistance and mechanical life of the cable. You can choose a material that is softer than the battery cable, without increasing the hardness of the stranded conductor.
3. Prevent core deformation
Multi core cables are easy to be twisted and need special untwisting equipment. The special stranding equipment rotates reversely with the stranding direction during setting out. Prevent tension deformation of high voltage cable.
4. Shielding design
Multiple copper wires can be tinned for braided shielding to prevent oxidation. The more wires the copper wires are, the greater the flexibility of the stranded conductor will be. The shielding coverage area should be more than 90 to truly solve the electromagnetic interference on the line.
The shielding effect is not ideal. It can also be combined with other shielding, such as aluminum plastic film. A layer of non-woven fabric is added outside the shield, which is convenient to strip off the outer sheath.
5. Sheath design
As with insulation design, heat resistance and mechanical properties shall be considered for the sheath, which plays a protective role for the cable. In this way, targeted simulation test shall be carried out for material selection, and the wear-resistant material may affect the flexibility of the cable.
The high-voltage line shall be clearly marked, and the extruded jacket shall be bright orange with high-voltage mark.
As the carrier of electric vehicle power and kinetic energy output, the safety performance output of the whole vehicle should start from the design of the whole vehicle, and the design requirements of the manufacturers from the raw materials, connectors, new energy vehicle component suppliers and automobile manufacturers, so as to customize the products more in line with the vehicle safety, reduce the production cost and improve the technical performance, so that the electric vehicle can run further and use longer.

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