Difference between national standard charging and European standard charging gun of electric vehicle

Feb 25, 2020

With the popularity of electric vehicles, more and more cars begin to consider buying electric vehicles. However, in the early stage of electric vehicle, each automobile manufacturer has its own charging solution, which results in different standards of electric vehicle charging port. Different vehicles cannot use the same standard charging gun and charging pile for charging.

Now after 2015, the introduction of the new national standard has ended this phenomenon, and all automobile manufacturers have a unified implementation standard. So as long as the current electric vehicles are up to the national standard, there is generally no problem in charging. The old charging piles can also be upgraded to the new charging standard.

But how is the new charging interface standard designed? Many people have seen the European standard gun, and they will surely think that it is so similar to the national standard charging gun! This is because the national standard is designed with reference to the European standard. Since it’s a reference, there must be something different. Let me summarize it for you:

Same point:
National standard AC charging gun hole
1. There are 7 holes in the charging connection
2. It is divided into AC and DC
3. The charging gun body can be equipped with temperature sensors, etc

Charging gun pin
1. The terminal installation of GB charging gun is just the opposite of that of EU charging. The pin of GB is installed on the gun, and the pin of EU charging gun is installed on the socket.
2. The national standard gun has a mechanical lock. The electromagnetic lock can lock the mechanical lock. The gun cannot be pulled out. The European standard does not.
3. Due to the need to add mechanical locks and so on, the national standard gun head will be much larger than the European standard gun head.

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