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Workersbee Global Exclusive Distributor Recruitment Announcement

Dear Valued Partners,

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality EV charging cables and portable EV chargers, Workersbee is excited to announce our global search for exclusive distributors in various countries and regions. We invite ambitious partners to join us in expanding our market reach and achieving mutual success.


Our Advantages:

  1. Premium Products: Our EV charging cables and portable EV chargers are renowned for their high quality and performance, strictly adhering to international standards to ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. Competitive Pricing: As a manufacturer, we offer factory-direct prices to our distributors, ensuring they have a significant price advantage in the market.
  3. Comprehensive Support: We provide extensive market support, including product training, marketing promotion, and after-sales service, to help our distributors quickly capture local market share.
  4. Technical Assurance: With a professional R&D team, we continuously innovate to offer our distributors advanced technical support and product upgrades.

Cooperation Model:

  1. Exclusive Distribution: Each country or region will have only one exclusive distributor, ensuring market exclusivity for our partners.
  2. Bulk Orders with Cash Payments: Distributors will place bulk orders with cash payments, for which we offer more favorable pricing and flexible payment terms.
  3. Long-term Partnership: We aim to establish long-term, stable, and mutually beneficial relationships with our distributors, fostering growth together.
  4. One-Year Assessment Period: Each new distributor will be subject to a one-year assessment period to evaluate performance and alignment with our strategic goals.


Application Process:

  1. Submit Application: Interested partners are requested to send their company profile, market plan, and relevant qualifications to our official email info@workersbee.com.
  2. Qualification Review: We will review applications and respond within five business days.
  3. Agreement Signing: Upon approval, both parties will sign an exclusive distributor agreement to formalize the partnership.
  4. Initial Stocking: After signing the agreement, distributors will proceed with the initial stocking as per the agreed terms.


Contact Us:

  • Phone: +86 137 7195 3141
  • Email: info@workersbee.com
  • Address: 262 Deyu Road, Hongshan Subdistrict, Wuxi, Jiangsu, 214145 China


We eagerly look forward to collaborating with partners worldwide, jointly expanding our market presence and creating greater value!



June 13, 2024


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