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  • Is the White House's New Standards for Electric Vehicle Chargers Network a golden opportunity or a super barrier for EVSE exporters? Is the White House's New Standards for Electric Vehicle Chargers Network a golden opportunity or a super barrier for EVSE exporters?
    May 24, 2023
    In early 2023, the Biden Administration announced New Standards for the Network of Electric Vehicle Chargers, as the global economy faded from the gloomy effects of COVID-19. As a strong complement to the Inflation Reduction Act, it aims to promote the widespread application of clean energy and the U.S. goal of achieving an electrified society. Major actions include:   l All EV chargers funded Federally must be built in the United States. It means the final assembly of all steel charger housings or enclosures and all manufacturing processes must take place in the United States; l At least 55 percent of the cost of EV chargers will also need to come from U.S. manufacturing by July 2024; l Invest $7.5 billion in EV charging construction. A national network of 500,000 EV chargers along U.S. highways and in residential communities by 2030, while achieving 50 percent of new vehicle sales as EVs; l The new chargers will require uniform adoption of the mainstream U.S. charging connector standard, known as the Combined Charging System (CCS), as well as standards that require 97 percent reliability time for all charging posts.   The standard is another forceful policy support for the U.S. electric vehicle industry following IRA enacted last August.Which means EV chargers will also have to comply with Made in America, after requiring local production of power batteries.It is a core part of the Biden Administration's plan to confront climate change, to fully promote the adoption of EVs in the market and accelerate the advent of an electrified society.   What we are facing With the continued stimulation of both policy and demand, the U.S. electric vehicle market penetration has reached a record high but is still depressed compared to the European and Chinese markets. Due to policy support and multiple subsidy incentives, the penetration rate of electric vehicles in certain European countries is already close to 50%, with the most prominent Norway having reached about 70%. Chinese electric vehicle penetration has also surpassed 25%, which is more than three times that of the United States. The previous IRA released by the White House coupled with the new standards for chargers this year, the implementation of a powerful subsidy policy, will certainly stimulate the U.S. electric vehicle market to boost significantly. Last year some analysts believed that the market share of electric vehicles in the United States was expected to reach 12% in 2023.   Build America, Buy America Along with the rising penetration of electric vehicles, the number of EVs on the road will gradually increase. This means that the market demand for EV chargers will also usher in a spurt of growth opportunities. According to the 2022 survey data, the public vehicle-charger ratio in the U.S. market is only 24.2:1, while the public vehicle-charger ratio in the Chinese market has reached 7.6:1, and the EU data for 2021 shows that the overall EU public vehicle-charger ratio has also reached 16.5:1.Therefore, to accelerate the strength of the EV market, the construction of EV chargers in the United States can not wait. The purpose of releasing new standards on  EV chargers at this time is not only to actively promote the plan to combat climate change on a macro level but also to further plan the direction of the local electric vehicle industry in the U.S., to realize the unification of domestic charging connector standard, as well as to improve the charging efficiency and satisfaction of the charging experience of EV drivers,  with the deeper intention of enhancing the market share of various sectors of the local charging industry chain.With the strong support of the new charging standards, the U.S. administration has been able to harvest capital back to the homeland in a big way by supporting or cultivating local charging industry businesses and keeping 55% of the purchase cost in the U.S. since 2024. It is also a powerful expression of the Build America, Buy America Act.   Challenge: To Be or Not to Be Obviously, the new U.S. charging standards will certainly make a huge splash in the global EV chargers market due to the great potential market demand in the U.S. in the future. Whether it is an opportunity or an obstacle, global supply chain enterprises are actively responding to it. First and foremost, Tesla announced the opening of its Supercharger and Destination Charger network to competitors, non-Tesla electric vehicles. At least 7,500 open chargers for all electric vehicles by the end of 2024, distributed throughout the United States. At least 3,500 high-powered fast chargers are distributed along highways, and Level 2 chargers at locations such as hotels and tours in urban and rural areas. In addition, Tesla has more than doubled its Supercharger network in Buffalo, New York. Several of the market's top charger companies and CPOs have also been quick to provide corresponding market feedback, adjusting their market strategies and accelerating the expansionary layout of their nationwide charging networks by establishing partnerships and other means. But, with the advent of net zero , the global explosion of demand for electric vehicle chargers is bound to put tremendous pressure on the supply chain. In order to meet the new US-made standards, it will become increasingly difficult to lay new chargers in the short term, limiting to some extent the acceleration of the US chargers layout. For EVSE exporters, the dividends of the U.S. charger market may just be gathering momentum, but with the implementation of the new standards, it is unknown whether exporters will regretfully stop there or rise to the challenge. This is because it means that all manufacturing processes for these EV charger enclosures, from melting and pouring to the final coating application, must take place in the United States.The choice of building a factory in the United States, or choosing to produce the core modules in the home country and OEM assembly in the United States, or simply relying on the export of technology and services to get a share of this huge market is a not so easy strategic choice and challenge for exporters. Not to mention the direct competition from big international manufacturers, such as ABB, Shell, and Siemens, and local manufacturers that already have a certain market share, such as ChargePoint, Blink, EVgo, etc.Workersbee is based on an international vision and global strategic layout, establishing a European company in the Netherlands in 2022, and planning to establish an American company in the future. Besides the requirements of the new standards, the sale of EVSE in the United States is required to pass UL certification, the cost of certification is a costly expenditure, and the time cost of the long certification cycle also needs to be taken into account.Further, there are numerous stringent technical indicators standards that bring technical challenges which should not be ignored. All of these may be enough to become obstacles for companies to enter the U.S. EV charger market.With a forward-looking international perspective and industry-leading technology grade, Workersbee was the first to pass UL certification in 2021 with the product application of innovative technologies such as Terminal Quick-change , Ultrasonic Welding, and High-power Liquid Cooling. The protection level of our products reaches IP 67, and we take the leading position in China and overseas markets with absolute technical advantages.   Plug-in with us,Powering the Future As the global focus and plans for climate change accelerate, we are working together to build a climate-friendly and eco-friendly society.Workersbee will definitely follow the trend and embrace the changes in policy and market activity so as to make it easy for more people to choose electric vehicles wherever they go.We will deepen our research and development of forefront technology in the field of electric vehicle charging, work to promote multiple certifications overseas, and accelerate the strategic layout of overseas markets.We are convinced that as our efforts advance, driving electric vehicles will become more and more convenient, simple, carefree, and common.If you are interested in joining us to embrace the future of a mobile, green, clean, and sustainable world, please explore and contact us, as your EV Charging Solution Partner.
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  • How EV Charging Is Reducing Carbon Footprints How EV Charging Is Reducing Carbon Footprints
    May 11, 2023
    It's no surprise that traditional gas and diesel cars are slowly being phased out. There has been a surge in popularity of electric vehicles because of their convenience, environmental friendliness, and cost-effectiveness.The intelligence and digitization of EV chargers have also boosted the popularity of electric vehicles.   The following are some key takeaways from the popularity of electric vehicles 1 , Electric vehicles emit far less greenhouse gases(After reading the full text, you will understand) 2 , Electric vehicles are much cheaper to operate(There is no need to change the engine oil, and the frequency of changing the brake pads is very low) 3 , Electric vehicles are much quieter than gas cars(no sound of engine starting) 4 , Electric vehicles have far fewer moving parts(Fewer components reduce maintenance costs)   Intelligent EV chargers and a variety of charging methods contribute to reducing EV carbon footprint.   Owners of electric vehicles benefit from smart charging It is possible to control both AC and DC EV chargers using an app or Bluetooth. This allows car owners to avoid tedious waiting in the garage and schedule charging. Car owners can choose to charge at night when electricity prices are lower, spreading people’s demand for electricity to avoid overloading the national grid.   WORKERSBEE enables electric vehicle charging methods to diversify WORKERSBEE is a leading manufacturer of EV Chargers in China with strong R&D and production capabilities. Its products include the Portable EV charger and wallbox charger which provide convenience for car owners to travel long distances. The Portable EV charger can be charged anywhere with a power outlet while the wallbox charger is a kind of household AC charging equipment. Compared with DC charging piles in public places, its installation cost is small and there is no requirement for the site, which reduces the cost of electric car charging. New life breathed into electric car charging by wind and solar power In the long run, charging electric cars with wind and solar power is more affordable. As a result, more and more wind and solar charging stations are popping up all over the world. This provides car owners with a more reliable, affordable and convenient charging method .Generating power from wind is not only carbon neutral, it can also be used to produce hydrogen and synthetic fuels like kerosene and diesel in a climate-friendly way. There is no doubt that wind and solar energy are more conducive to sustainable development.   Contact us to get more knowledge about electric cars charging.
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  • Solar Car Port for ev charging Solar Car Port for ev charging
    Apr 12, 2023
    With the increase in sales of electric cars, car owners have put forward higher requirements for the charging method, environmental protection and intelligence of electric car. The solar carport can be installed in any open space or carport. No additional infrastructure is required. At the stage when the coverage of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly, but the infrastructure cannot keep up with the pace. Solar carports are a great option. Solar carports have gained popularity in this situation. Whether it is used at home or in public places, it plays an important role. The solar carport can be well integrated with the surrounding environment Solar cell has black, blue and other forms. Not only is it easy to match with the surrounding environment, but it can also play a role in shading. There are also car owners who like sunshine will choose transparent solar panels as the roof. There is no limit to the form of solar energy charging for electric vehicle, and the layout can be arranged according to demand. For solar carport charging, you can choose a suitable charging method according to your needs. Home solar carport can choose mini wallbox ev charger. For commercial use, due to the large number of users and the frequent need for emergency charging, a combination of DC charging station and AC charging wallbox can be selected. Solar flushing carports can not only save energy, but also make a profit All it takes is an inverter to convert the direct current generated by the sun into alternating current. It can be used not only for electric car charging, but also for other household devices. A Net metering can also be installed to track solar energy. Sell the excess electricity generated by solar energy to the national grid to generate income. In short, using solar carports to charge electric car is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and cost-effective way to charge electric cars. If you are interested in the business of solar carports and electric car charging. You can contact WORKERSBEE . Get more knowledge and solutions about electric cars charging
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  • International Women's Day, give her a no worry trip
    Mar 04, 2023
    International Women's Day on March 8th is a carnival festival for women. Come on a hassle-free trip. Go to a place you have always wanted to go, and take a trip as soon as you say it. A wonderful holiday to meet the sea, the lake, the hills. WORKERSBEE will realize the freedom of charging during travel.   Today WORKERSBEE will sort out the faults and solutions often encountered in electric vehicle charging 1. What failures do electric vehicle charging cables often encounter?(H2) EV Charging cables can become damaged or frayed over time, causing problems with the charging process. Before going out for a long trip, be sure to check all the charging equipment of the eletctric vehicle. WORKERSBEE EV Charging cable has a TPU jacket, the waterproof level can reach IP55.WORKERSBEE EV cable has passed TUV and CE certification. WORKERSBEE brings you a safe and comfortable experience to the greatest extent. 2.What failures do electric vehicle charging stations often encounter?(H2) Charging stations may experience power outages or other technical issues, which may interrupt the charging process. To resolve this issue, users should contact the charging station provider for assistance. In order to prevent such incidents from happening, it is recommended to carry WORKERSBEE Portable EV Charger with you. As long as you find a suitable power source, you can realize the freedom of electric car charging. What failures will happen to the electric vehicle battery?(H2) Frequent use of DC charging, the charging frequency is too high, will accelerate the aging of the battery. The charging process should be monitored at all times to ensure that the battery is not overcharged or overheated. Keep the charging port clean and free of debris. What else do you want to know about electric vehicle charging? Welcome to leave us a message.
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  • How to start electric vehicle charging business?
    Feb 23, 2023
    In recent years, new energy vehicle industry has attracted the attention of investors from all walks of life. Whether it is portable ev charger or ev charge point, ev charge station series products have a good trend. Now investing in charging stations is just like investing in gas stations when cars first entered the market. It is a good time. How to join the investment ranks in this favorable period? Why is it said that the new energy charging series products in 2023 are now in a favorable period? The latest statistics show that in 2022, global EV sales will account for 10% of all new car sales for the first time, up from 8.3% in 2021. Global electric vehicle sales will total approximately 7.8 million units in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 68%. In 2022, the total global new car sales will be 80.6 million, a year-on-year decrease of about 1%. In 2023, the global tourism industry will usher in a strong recovery. In 2023, the number of global international tourist arrivals may return to 80%-95% of the pre-epidemic level. UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili said: "The new year has brought more reasons for optimism for the global tourism industry. UNWTO expects the tourism industry to perform strongly this year, even in the face of various challenges such as the economic situation and continued geopolitical uncertainty. Economic factors are likely to influence how people travel in 2023, and UNWTO expects demand for domestic and regional travel to remain strong, helping to drive a broader recovery in tourism."  How will consumers choose EV charging products? With the increase of electric vehicles sales and the acceleration of population mobility, the demand for car charging products is also increasing. Usually the charging frequency of the ev is: when the daily power consumption is 10%, it needs to be charged once a week. When the daily power consumption is 20%, it needs to be charged once every three days. When the daily power consumption is 30%, it needs to be charged every two days. When the daily power consumption is above 40%, it needs to be charged once a day. When people travel by tram, the electric car charger becomes more popular because it is easy to carry and does not require a separate electric meter. How to choose a reliable supplier? After understanding the tram charging market in your city, it is very important to choose a reliable supplier. We can choose suppliers from the following points 1. Product quality Quality first is the consistent principle of WORKERSBEE. We not only have UL, CE and other certificates, but also have an independent testing agency in the factory. Regular and quantitative spot checks are carried out on products, and relevant tests can also be completed according to customer needs. It is recommended to start cooperation with customers from the sample list. 2. Service staff Professional service personnel can help you better explore the market. Taking the European market as an example, we can not only achieve language barrier-free, but also have local service agencies to understand the problems that often occur in the local market. WORKERSBEE's service personnel have a deep understanding of the product, communicate with customers enthusiastically and patiently, and are trustworthy partners 3. Production capacity It is recommended to visit the factory on site if conditions permit. A company with proper management, tidy workshop and good team spirit is the guarantee of long-term cooperation and timely and high-quality supply. WORKERSBEE always welcome you. 4. R&D With the rapid development of the vehicle charging industry, our charging products will also join more intense competition. The strength of the R&D team determines the future competitiveness. WORKERSBEE sincerely invites you to share the market of the car charging industry.    
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