EV Connector
EV Connector

 WORKERSBEE is a high-tech manufacturer that focuses on the R&D and production of new energy-electric vehicle charging equipment.

For the connector, we have type1, CCS1, type2, CCS2 and gbt EV charging plug.

 WORKERSBEE EV charging plug series have securely insulated head design pins, made with copper alloy, silver plating, + thermoplastic on the top to prevent direct contact and electric shock.

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Portable EV Charger
Portable EV Charger

WORKERSBEE is a smart EV charger manufacturer and supplier with more than 15 years of experience, focusing on providing customers with safer, more efficient EV charging products.

WORKERSBEE has a million-level purification workshop of 1,000 square meters, which is dust-proof and anti-static. Production of control boxes exclusively for portable EV chargers.

This portable charger independently developed by WORKERSBEE can be plugged and played and can charge electric vehicles at a household voltage socket. Greatly reduces charging costs.

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EV Cable
EV Cable

WORKERSBEE is a company integrating production, research and development, and quality inspection. WORKERSBEE has implemented the production of EV Cable for the testing of raw materials, the communication of production drawings, the debugging and calibration of production machinery, the specialization of the production process, and the standardization of product quality inspection.

WORKERSBEE has 5 R&D centers, and 2 factories, and has formed a sales and service system in both China and Europe.

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EV Charging Parts
EV Charging Parts

This series contains various of EV charging Sockets, dummy sockets, type2 to type1 EV adapter, type1 to type2 EV adapter, CCS2 to CCS1 adapter, and ccs1 ccs2 adapter cable, etc.

WORKERSBEE group is a technology-based enterprise focusing on the precision manufacturing of auto parts, R&D, and manufacturing of electric vehicle charging equipment. All products with CE/TUV/ROsh/UL certificates.

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EVSE China Lead Factory

WORKERSBEE is an enterprise engaged in the R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of electric vehicle charging components (Portable EV Chargers,EV Connectors,EV Cable,EV Sockets etc.). Founded in 2007, the company is located in Pingqian International (Suxiang) Industrial Park, No. 45 Chunxing Road, Caohu Street, Suzhou City.WORKERSBEE has three major manufacturing bases in Wuhan, Wuxi, and Shenzhen, and has a complete industry value chain, from core components to control systems, all of which can be self-developed and produced. The Workersbee manufacturing facility is equipped with more than 200 large-scale production machines, as well as a mature production, quality inspection, and shipping process. The company has successively achieved ISO 9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016 quality management system certification, and company products haveTUV、CE、UKCA、UL、CQC,and compulsory testing certification. WORKERSBEE has a dedicated R&D team of more than 100 employees.CTO Dr. Yang Tao has more than ten years of experience in electronic power work. This specialised workforce covers materials, structures, electronics, electrical appliances, software, hardware, technology, among other sectors. Currently, Workersbee has more than150 patents, including 16 invention patents. In 2022, we filed for more than 30 patents.  

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  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • 300+ customers all over the world
  • Technical support
  • UL
  • cb certificate
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  • tuv
  • CB G2.1
  • UKCA
  • UL CCS1
  • TF16949
  • NSF
  • iso 9001

We always focus on

quality and customerS satisfaction
  • The 22.5-acre Suzhou headquarters base, with a construction area of 36,000 square meters, was approved by the government

  • Management shareholding incentive plan was released; Investment Partner Plan was launched nationwide; European subsidiary is being registered.

  • Passed UL certification; Hangzhou Research, Shenzhen Yihang were set up

  • IPO was launched, and counseling agreements were signed with three accounting firms.

  • Littlebee EV Charging Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.was established

  • Tsinghua University Energy Internet Innovation Research Instutue, Tsinghua University and Yihang , Wuhan University Suzhou Research Institute , etc. were set up;

  • Certified as a Gazelle Enterprise in Southern Jiangsu Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone

  • Jiangsu Yihang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. Was established;

  • Became a NEEQ listed enterprise

  • Certified as a Science and Technology SME in Jiangsu Province

  • Passed CE and TUV certification

  •  Became a DUNS registered enterprise

  • Partially Owned Wuhan Detaina New Energy Tech. Co., Ltd. was set up

  • Passed IATF16949 Automotive Quality System Certification

  • Wuhan Zhaohang Precision Industry Co., Ltd. was established

  • Passed ISO9001 Quality System Certification

  • The company was set up with a registered capital of 29.5 million Yuan

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