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  • 10 tips to choose a good type 2 portable EV charger supplier 10 tips to choose a good type 2 portable EV charger supplier
    May 31, 2023
    WORKERSBEE Type 2 Portable EV Charger is an excellent choice for electric vehicle owners in the European market. It is a reliable, safe, and efficient way to charge electric cars in all European countries. WORKERSBEE is a European-mind EVSE factory and understands the European market. This article sorts out the points we should pay attention to when choosing a supplier of type 2 portable EV chargers.   1. The most important is to ensure the safety of the car owner when charging the EVs WORKERSBEE type2 EV Chargers are equipped with 8 advanced protections, including Overvoltage Protection, Undervoltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Grounding Protection, Undercurrent Protection, Leakage Protection, Surge Protection, and Temperature Protection. These protections ensure the safety of the EV Charger, as well as its users, and offer peace of mind when using the device. (The Overvoltage Protection prevents the charger from outputting too much voltage, which can cause damage to the charger or the device being charged. The Undervoltage Protection does the opposite, ensuring that the charger does not output too little voltage. Overcurrent Protection regulates the current output from the charger, preventing it from exceeding the maximum level. Grounding Protection prevents any electricity from leaking into the ground, which can be dangerous for users. The Undercurrent Protection prevents the charger from outputting too little current. Leakage Protection prevents any electricity from leaking out of the charger, while Surge Protection prevents any large, unexpected spikes in the voltage or current. Finally, Temperature Protection helps to ensure that the charger does not overheat, which can damage the device and its users. All of these protections ensure that Workersbee type2 EV Chargers are safe and secure to use.)   2. Every design of WORKERSBEE is based on the vital interests of the electric vehicles owners  This Type 2 EV charger is designed with a combination of intelligence and energy-saving features. It intelligently schedules the charging time and adjusts the current in six gears, Reservation charging function allows car owners to easily stagger peak electricity prices, saving charging time and money. Every country in Europe has a different way of purchasing electricity. For example, Italy uses F0, F1, F2, and F3 to represent different charging time stages. These stages correspond to different charging prices. With this smart electric car charging method, car owners can choose to charge at the cheapest time.   3. Having a stylish appearance can enhance the car owner's first impression. A stylish appearance can make the car owner leave the best impression at first sight. WORKERSBEE supports OEM and ODM design and provides logo customization services. They continue to release new products according to market demand. Choosing WORKERSBEE can help you occupy the electric car charging market.   4. Developing portable electric vehicle chargers has a large market potential We can divide electric vehicle owners into three categories: short-distance travel users (Weniglader), long-distance travel users (Vielfahrer), and users without fixed parking spaces (Laternenparker). The portable EV charger is necessary for these three types of users. It can be used as an alternative trunk for Vielfahrer and can be taken out anytime and anywhere when traveling. It can also be a home charging device for Weniglader. For Vielfahrer, it is the best choice for charging.   5. The trend of EV Chargers is more intelligent and digital  The new Type 2 EV charger adopts an intelligent charging system that can monitor and manage the charging process, providing more control for electric vehicle charging. We can judge the charging status through the indicator light on the portable EV charger. The high-definition led display shows charging status, temperature, fault display, etc. in real-time. It supports the electronic charging lock function of the vehicle. After parking and charging and locking the car, the vehicle will automatically lock the charging connector.   6. The product must be durable, strong, high quality, well received by customers The product must be durable, strong, high-quality, and well-received by customers. High-quality products are essential for garnering positive reviews and encouraging customers to repurchase. This is so important for the development of corporate brand reputation. This portable EV charger is made of pressure-resistant materials, and the explosion-proof grade reaches IK10. Even if it is run over by a car, it will not be damaged. WORKERSBEE has a complete quality inspection system. Each EV charger will undergo more than one hundred tests before shipment. They have a mature sales, production, quality inspection, freight, and after-sales system.   7. Have a perfect after-sales service system Have a perfect after-sales service system. WORKERSBEE is the leading manufacturer of EVSE in China. They not only have strong production customization capabilities but also have a large-scale incoming quality inspection and finished product storage capabilities. At present, WORKERSBEE EVSE series products have been exported to more than 60 countries. WORKERSBEE can provide localized services in Europe and China and will soon establish after-sales service in Vietnam and the United States.   8. Factory direct sales, shipping by sea, air, and land Factory direct sales and shipping by sea, air, and land. Factory direct sales eliminate the middleman’s price difference and let you get WORKERSBEE products with the highest cost performance. You can directly connect with the WORKERSBEE sales team.   9. Compared to peers, the 2-year warranty time is much longer WORKERSBEE insists on using the best raw materials and processes, and the strictest quality inspection process to produce EVSE series products. Therefore, WORKERSBEE's products provide a two-year warranty. Cooperating with WORKERSBEE can also provide lifetime technical support.   10. WORKERSBEE Provides a one-stop service of EVSE Products WORKERSBEE can provide cloth packing and carton packing for portable EV chargers. At the same time, we can also provide EV Cables, EV Connectors, and other EVSE series products. Contact us to get the latest product catalog.  
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  • The latest IEC 62196 type 2 ev charger will be born soon The latest IEC 62196 type 2 ev charger will be born soon
    May 17, 2023
    WORKERSBEE type 2 EV Charger is designed strictly according to the IEC 62196 standard    This type 2 EV Charger can be pure electric, hybrid and other electric vehicle charging.The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a worldwide organization for standardization comprising all national electrotechnical committees (IEC National Committees). All products of WORKERSBEE are designed and produced in accordance with the requirements of vehicle regulations.   Let's take a look at where the new type 2 has made major changes.   1. Stylish appearance, comfortable grip,ergonomic Design 2. High-strength one-piece shell, wear-resistant, crash-resistant and impact-resistant 3. Multiple sealing structures to effectively prevent water from entering the EV Plug 4. 8 layers of intelligent protection to ensure charging safety Customization is also available at WORKERSBEE in addition to standard products   Non-standard products can customize LOGO, and can also put forward higher requirements on the basis of standard products. The following are our most basic advantages of portable ev chargers 1. Designed and produced in strict accordance with the IEC 62196 standard 2. 3 major production bases guarantee supply demand 3. High compatibility, strong and durable   The latest WORKERSBEE type 2 EV charger is sure to come with a host of benefits, so let's see what the new type 2 looks like.   Below is the outline of the shell. Which one do you think will be the new product of WORKERSBEE?   Contact us for a chance to get a free sample.
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  • Invincible WORKERSBEE GEN 2.0 High Voltage EV Plug Invincible WORKERSBEE GEN 2.0 High Voltage EV Plug
    May 04, 2023
    How to shorten the electric vehicle charging time under the premise of ensuring safety.? First of all, we need to understand the principle and essence of WORKERSBEE technology high voltage liquid cooling EV connector. GBT CCS1 CCS2 --   Factors that determine charging time: battery capacity, charging power, remaining battery power 1. Battery capacity: The larger the battery capacity, the more kilometers the cruising range and the longer the charging time; 2. Charging power: The higher the charging power, the shorter the charging time. 3. Remaining battery power: The more remaining battery power, the shorter the charging time.   In order to shorten the charging time, it is necessary to increase the charging power. there are two technical approaches: 1. Increase the charging voltage 2. Increase the charging current   The commonly used electric platform is 400V, and raising it to 800V means that many electronic devices need to be re-selected.High-power charging usually refers to increasing the charging current without increasing the voltage platform level.The greater the charging current, the greater the heating effect of the current. In order to avoid safety.   accidents, we must reduce the temperature of the charging plug terminal and the cable. Increasing the cross-sectional area of the conductor can solve this problem, but the weight of the electric vehicle cable will make it difficult for users to operate.Liquid-cooled high-power charging technology can make the charging current larger, the electric vehicle charging cable lighter, and the operating experience better.By lowering the temperature at the heating part of the electric vehicle charging plug, it can carry a larger current.   The conductor exists in the battery. Due to the thermal effect of the current, the battery will generate heat. Generally, when the 80-level EV DC charging plug is powered on at 250A, its temperature rises by about 40K. The heat efficiency index: Temperature is the key factor limiting the charging current, the greater the current, the greater the power and the greater the heat generation. Metal materials, insulating plastic materials have long-term safe working temperature, so the temperature. The temperature at the component drops, and the plug can carry more current when it is fully charged.   As can be seen above, the temperature increase is the main factor that restricts the charging current. Liquid-cooled charging plug are a way to reduce temperature rises of the charging plug when charging at high current. The coolant is pumped through an electronic motor. The coolant will remove heat from the cable, the charging connector and the liquid-cooled cables when the coolant flows through them. This cycle can be used to cool the cable and the charging connector by transferring the heat from the tank of oil (which stores the coolant) and driving the electronic pump through the radiator. What are the advantages of WORKERSBEE liquid cooling EV Cable?   WORKERSBEE liquid cooling ev cable has a unique design with copper clad water. The cable is flexible, easy to operate, and easy to store. The cable diameter is only 29mm.   For more information about WORKERSBEE Liquid Cooling Electric Vehicle Charging Cables and Electric Vehicle Charging Connectors please contact us. 
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  • 0 after sale worry Terminal Quick-Change DC ev charging plug 0 after sale worry Terminal Quick-Change DC ev charging plug
    Apr 17, 2023
    Due to the high voltage of the EV DC charging station, there will be many potential safety hazards. How to better solve the after-sales problems of DC charging stations and reduce operation and maintenance costs has become a matter of concern for charging pile companies. Why the after-sales problem of electric car ev charging plug deserves more attention? EV plugs are subject to wear and tear due to repeated use and rough handling by some EV owners. As each car owner uses the EV plug at different angles, it can be challenging to avoid such damage even with a durable EV plug. Over time, this wear and tear leads to after-sales problems with internal components, necessitating repairs or replacement of the charging equipment. A very good solution to this problem can be found in terminal quick change technology The split design of the plug and DC terminal allows for easy replacement of both parts, thanks to terminal quick change technology. This simplifies the process, reduces after-sales and operation costs, and helps to minimize downtime at charging stations. Operators require minimal expertise, with just a screw plug being needed to replace only the damaged part, leading to reduced maintenance costs while improving the overall reliability and efficiency of the EV charging system. What’s more about this quick change ev plug? Workersbee uses ultrasonic welding technology to create a strong, permanent connection between wires and pins in the electric vehicle charging plug. This reduces the chance of failure and prevents slipping, minimizing downtime for EV owners and charging station operators while improving the overall user experience with the EV charging system. The Workersbee Gen 2.0 EV plug boasts a compact design that conforms to the public's aesthetics and ergonomics. With a small cable outer diameter OD of just 24-30mm, it is easy to handle and maneuver, making it an ideal choice for electric vehicle DC charging companies looking for an efficient and reliable product.
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  • EV Charging methods, characteristics and investment direction of new energy vehicles
    Mar 08, 2023
    This article WORKERSBEE will explain common new energy vehicle charging methods, advantages and disadvantages, and market demand. Portable ev charging: Portable charging refers to using the portable charging cable attached to the car to connect to an ordinary household socket for charging. This method is very convenient, as long as you can find a power source and an outlet. Portable ev charger is a relatively safe charging method, with good waterproof and dustproof effects, low heat generation, and strong flame retardancy. WORKERSBEE latest design with temperature control system. The appearance is fashionable and the lines are simple. No matter what model it is with, there is no sense of disobedience when matching it with car decorations and clothing. Portable ev chargers are very popular in countries with developed tourist industries. It can not only become a must-have item for self-driving tours, but also a supplementary device for other electric car charging methods. A portable ev charging system can help you realize the freedom of safe electric car charging.   Home charging: Home charging station are a very common type of charging station. The home charging station is a charging device that provides DC/AC power for new energy electric vehicles. The function of the charging pile is similar to that of a fuel dispenser in a gas station. Its input end is connected to the AC power grid, and its output end charges the battery of an electric vehicle through a charging plug. Charging piles are installed in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.), residential parking lots, and private houses, and can be fixed on the ground or walls. Public charging: Public electric vehicle charging piles adopt a collective shared charging model, and are generally built in urban streets, office buildings, public parking lots, high-speed service stations and other places, which can meet the charging needs of new energy vehicle owners in different scenarios. Public charging is generally built in places with convenient transportation and dense crowds.  To sum up, new energy vehicles are the future development trend, and new energy vehicles may also become one of the main means of transportation for people in the future. Therefore, the construction of charging piles is further accelerating, and the sales of household charging piles and Portable ev chargers are steadily increasing. Consolidate the development path of new energy vehicles and improve the experience of new energy vehicle owners.
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