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  • TUV certificate awarding ceremony for WORKERSBEE CCS2 EV PLUG again proved its safety TUV certificate awarding ceremony for WORKERSBEE CCS2 EV PLUG again proved its safety
    Jun 14, 2023
    WORKERSBEE CCS2 EV Plug has obtained the TUV certificate, which is an internationally recognized safety standard. This certification proves that the product has passed rigorous safety tests and is safe for use in households and other areas. The purpose of the TUV safety standards is to protect against potential risks that may arise from the use of electrical appliances, mechanical products, and automotive products. The TUV certificate is evidence that WORKERSBEE CCS2 EV Plug is a safe and reliable product that meets the highest safety standards.     At WORKERSBEE, safety is our top priority. We have been in the EVSE industry for over 15 years and have developed and produced a wide range of products. The WORKERSBEE CCS2 EV PLUG is a great testament to the company's commitment to safety.   1. WORKERSBEE EV plugs use terminal over-molding technology. The sealed design allows car owners to safely charge the electric car even in humid coastal cities.   2. The WORKERSBEE CCS2 EV Plug with Pin Quick-Change technology is designed to reduce the operation and maintenance costs associated with charging piles. This innovative technology makes it easier to switch out parts quickly with minimal effort, so the charging piles remain in the best condition with minimal upkeep costs.   3. CCS2 EV plug adopts ultrasonic welding technology, This technology also ensures that the resistance is close to 0, allowing for a more efficient and reliable EV charging connection.   4. This CCS2 EV plug meets the IEC62196-3:2022 standard and boasts excellent heat-carrying capacity, high specific heat capacity, and good thermal stability.   5. WORKERSBEE CCS2 EV plug can be combined with liquid cooling technology to keep electric vehicles at the optimum temperature during DC charging.   6 . The WORKERSBEE CCS2 EV plug has good thermal stability and is non-toxic, odorless, and non-hazardous.   Contact us to know more about the WORKERSBEE CCS2 EV plug.  
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