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  • Invincible WORKERSBEE GEN 2.0 High Voltage EV Plug Invincible WORKERSBEE GEN 2.0 High Voltage EV Plug
    May 04, 2023
    How to shorten the electric vehicle charging time under the premise of ensuring safety.? First of all, we need to understand the principle and essence of WORKERSBEE technology high voltage liquid cooling EV connector. GBT CCS1 CCS2 --   Factors that determine charging time: battery capacity, charging power, remaining battery power 1. Battery capacity: The larger the battery capacity, the more kilometers the cruising range and the longer the charging time; 2. Charging power: The higher the charging power, the shorter the charging time. 3. Remaining battery power: The more remaining battery power, the shorter the charging time.   In order to shorten the charging time, it is necessary to increase the charging power. there are two technical approaches: 1. Increase the charging voltage 2. Increase the charging current   The commonly used electric platform is 400V, and raising it to 800V means that many electronic devices need to be re-selected.High-power charging usually refers to increasing the charging current without increasing the voltage platform level.The greater the charging current, the greater the heating effect of the current. In order to avoid safety.   accidents, we must reduce the temperature of the charging plug terminal and the cable. Increasing the cross-sectional area of the conductor can solve this problem, but the weight of the electric vehicle cable will make it difficult for users to operate.Liquid-cooled high-power charging technology can make the charging current larger, the electric vehicle charging cable lighter, and the operating experience better.By lowering the temperature at the heating part of the electric vehicle charging plug, it can carry a larger current.   The conductor exists in the battery. Due to the thermal effect of the current, the battery will generate heat. Generally, when the 80-level EV DC charging plug is powered on at 250A, its temperature rises by about 40K. The heat efficiency index: Temperature is the key factor limiting the charging current, the greater the current, the greater the power and the greater the heat generation. Metal materials, insulating plastic materials have long-term safe working temperature, so the temperature. The temperature at the component drops, and the plug can carry more current when it is fully charged.   As can be seen above, the temperature increase is the main factor that restricts the charging current. Liquid-cooled charging plug are a way to reduce temperature rises of the charging plug when charging at high current. The coolant is pumped through an electronic motor. The coolant will remove heat from the cable, the charging connector and the liquid-cooled cables when the coolant flows through them. This cycle can be used to cool the cable and the charging connector by transferring the heat from the tank of oil (which stores the coolant) and driving the electronic pump through the radiator. What are the advantages of WORKERSBEE liquid cooling EV Cable?   WORKERSBEE liquid cooling ev cable has a unique design with copper clad water. The cable is flexible, easy to operate, and easy to store. The cable diameter is only 29mm.   For more information about WORKERSBEE Liquid Cooling Electric Vehicle Charging Cables and Electric Vehicle Charging Connectors please contact us. 
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