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  • EV Charging methods, characteristics and investment direction of new energy vehicles
    Mar 08, 2023
    This article WORKERSBEE will explain common new energy vehicle charging methods, advantages and disadvantages, and market demand. Portable ev charging: Portable charging refers to using the portable charging cable attached to the car to connect to an ordinary household socket for charging. This method is very convenient, as long as you can find a power source and an outlet. Portable ev charger is a relatively safe charging method, with good waterproof and dustproof effects, low heat generation, and strong flame retardancy. WORKERSBEE latest design with temperature control system. The appearance is fashionable and the lines are simple. No matter what model it is with, there is no sense of disobedience when matching it with car decorations and clothing. Portable ev chargers are very popular in countries with developed tourist industries. It can not only become a must-have item for self-driving tours, but also a supplementary device for other electric car charging methods. A portable ev charging system can help you realize the freedom of safe electric car charging.   Home charging: Home charging station are a very common type of charging station. The home charging station is a charging device that provides DC/AC power for new energy electric vehicles. The function of the charging pile is similar to that of a fuel dispenser in a gas station. Its input end is connected to the AC power grid, and its output end charges the battery of an electric vehicle through a charging plug. Charging piles are installed in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.), residential parking lots, and private houses, and can be fixed on the ground or walls. Public charging: Public electric vehicle charging piles adopt a collective shared charging model, and are generally built in urban streets, office buildings, public parking lots, high-speed service stations and other places, which can meet the charging needs of new energy vehicle owners in different scenarios. Public charging is generally built in places with convenient transportation and dense crowds.  To sum up, new energy vehicles are the future development trend, and new energy vehicles may also become one of the main means of transportation for people in the future. Therefore, the construction of charging piles is further accelerating, and the sales of household charging piles and Portable ev chargers are steadily increasing. Consolidate the development path of new energy vehicles and improve the experience of new energy vehicle owners.
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