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How to choose EV plugs?

How to choose EV plugs?

Mar 01, 2023

New energy vehicles are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and comfortable, and have a high degree of automation, which makes them quickly become the mainstream of the vehicle sales market.

So for companies that want to invest in and develop electric vehicle charging products, how to choose and inspect charging cables?

The first thing we have to consider is the safety of the EV charging plug

1. The built-in temperature monitoring module can monitor the real-time temperature during charging, so as to avoid the burning problem caused by excessive temperature rise and protect the personal safety of users.

2. Super waterproof performance, even in rainy weather, it can also charge electric vehicles normally. WORKERSBEE CCS2 EV plug can reach the waterproof level IP54 (that is, dustproof level 5.It cannot completely prevent dust intrusion, but the amount of dust intruded will not affect the normal operation of the product; waterproof level is 4 level: prevent splash water from intruding and prevent splashing from all directions. incoming water intrusion.).

3. The material of the EV connecter needs to meet the characteristics of insulation, flame retardancy, and high temperature resistance. The handle design not only needs to take into account the comfort, but also has a non-slip design.

4. The external mechanical lock of the button can not only prevent theft, but also prevent the potential safety hazard caused by the sudden pull out of the charging gun during charging.

5. Whether the EV charging plug has passed a series of tests before leaving the factory. WORKERSBEE CCS2 EV plug meets IEC 62196 standards.

ev plug

According to this series of standards, most EV plugs, sockets, EV vehicle connectors and vehicle sockets provide additional contacts to support specific functions related to electric vehicle charging, such as not supplying power unless the vehicle is connected and the vehicle is stationary Still connected.

Parts of this series of standards have been published as European Standards (EN 62196 series) which in turn have been published as British Standards (BS EN 62196 series). There are similar requirements in SAE J1772, which is widely used in the United States.

Product pictures plus simple parameters

Another factor to consider when choosing a electric vehicle charging plug is the degree of portability

1. In 2022, the global penetration rate of electric vehicles exceeded 10% for the first time. In the European market, the penetration rate is as high as 30% due to policy support and strong environmental awareness.

2. The European market is affected by factors such as geopolitics, there are a large number of gaps in charging equipment, and the penetration rate of charging piles is far from enough.

3. WORKERSBEE can truly realize the freedom of charging, so that you can find corresponding charging cables and other electric car charging products no matter in the city or in the countryside.

The following is a video explanation to help you better understand this electric vehicle charging plug.


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