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Portable Business Investment: Exploring Various Types of Portable EV Chargers

Portable Business Investment: Exploring Various Types of Portable EV Chargers

Apr 07, 2024

Increasing access to home charging opportunities is considered a more achievable solution than public charging for EV charging infrastructure. In addition to fixed wall box home chargers, portable EV chargers are greatly favored for their excellent flexibility and affordability.

For pioneers who want to join the wave of electric vehicle charging solutions, portable electric vehicle chargers have a lower threshold and less of an investment, but considerable market capacity.

They are available as On-the-go EV charging options or simplified home charger options. There are many types of this product on the market. In addition to product appearance, there may be differences in charging speed, charging experience, operation control, etc. Fully understand the types of Portable EV chargers and choose products suitable for target consumers and customers to invest in.


Slowest but most convenient: Level 1 Charger

Some automakers or car dealers may include Level 1 chargers with the cars. Plugs directly into a 120V household power supply, the output power is low, adding roughly only 3-5 miles per hour of charging. Although inefficient, it is an affordable solution if you have a private garage where you can charge overnight.

Best Pick: Level 2 Charger

Level 2 chargers cost far less to install than fixed or wall box chargers but are Fast charging options among portable chargers. The output power usually ranges from 3 kW to 22 kW, and the car can be fully charged in a few hours.

It usually integrates more control and operation functions through mobile phone Bluetooth, smart App, and display screen. Its flexibility and faster charging speed make it a favorite charging product among car owners.

Most of the chargers we will mention below are Level 2 chargers.


Simplified Charging: Portable EV Charger without Screen

In addition to the minimalist design in look, the functional operation is also more simplified. Because there is no LCD screen, the functions only retain some basic charging operations. Usually, no more setup is required, and it connects to a power outlet via a standard plug for plug-and-charge.

The structural design is more compact, lightweight, and more portable. Users who do not need advanced functions will prefer its cost-effectiveness and practicality.

ev charger oem


Workersbee, a B2B EV charging solutions provider, has launched a series of Soapbox products that can be easily used to charge EVs. Although it lacks an LCD screen, it supports Bluetooth connection to perform OTA upgrades and adjust current or scheduled charging on the phone. The power plug and control box has dual temperature control protection, and IP66 protection level, and can be charged safely outdoors.


Charging Visualization: Portable EV Charger with LCD Screen

The portable EV charger with an LCD screen provides more user-friendly interactive functions. Without connecting to a mobile phone, you can clearly understand the real-time charging status through the LCD screen only: usually including the current voltage, current, power, charging time, etc. The interactive interface is usually intuitive and simple, making it convenient for car owners to monitor charging status or schedule charging.

Workersbee's FLEX CHARGER series and ePort series provide users with diversified choices. It ensures novice drivers can easily master the charging operation and get the same smooth and comfortable charging experience as experienced electric car owners.

The latest FLEX CHARGER 2 has a larger LCD screen and higher readability - charging data is visible even in sunlight.


flex charger


Not only for use on the road, many car owners choose it as a home charger. We provide well-designed wall brackets that can neatly hang chargers and plugs. The products have passed ETL and TUV certification, providing more protection for online sales.


Faster Charging: 3-Phase Portable EV Charger

Unlike single-phase EV chargers, three-phase chargers can utilize three-phase power to achieve more efficient energy transmission, faster charging speed, and shorter charging time. For electric vehicles that support three phases, it is undoubtedly a faster and more time-saving charging solution.


22kw ev charger


Workersbee's ePort C are Fast-charging portable EV chargers, equipped with CEE plugs and offering either 11kW or 22kW of power output. We put charging safety and reliability first, using intelligent temperature control to monitor the charging process, and the protection level reaches IP67. The product has passed CE certification.

More Flexible Charging: Portable EV Charger with Interchangeable NEMA Adapter

This type of charger adopts a modular design and provides interchangeable NEMA adapters to ensure compatibility with power sockets in multiple locations.

It provides more opportunities for charging, whether at home, work, or on the road, car owners can easily choose the right adapter to charge their cars. No complicated professional knowledge or complicated props are required, just a simple replacement and then plug in the power outlet. This design also provides more future-proofing for future electrical changes and lasts longer.


Factors users will consider when choosing a portable EV charger

· Charger-vehicle compatibility, including connector standards and electrical capabilities, etc.

· Charging capability, including output power, current, charging speed, etc.

· The weight of the charger determines its portability

· The safety protection that the charger can provide

· Certification of the charger

· Smart charging experience with charger. Charger button control or mobile APP control, etc.

· Whether the cable management system is reasonable and easy to carry, store, or wall-mount.

· Durability

· Product reputation

· After-sales service system and after-sales capabilities


Benefits of Portable EV Chargers for Businesses

Portable EV chargers offer numerous benefits to businesses in customer attraction, employee loyalty, and revenue generation.

· For customer-facing businesses such as auto parts stores, retail, and hotels, providing portable EV chargers is attractive to EV owners.

· Become a benefit for employees in the enterprise who drive electric vehicles, helping to attract and retain talent. Conveying the company's active commitment to climate improvement fits with the sustainable values of many high-end talents.

· Car dealers can use portable EV chargers with different functions to sell as upgrade packages bundled with cars.

· Combine with existing business models and provide popular portable EV chargers for rental or sales to gain more revenue.

· Represents the company's positive actions toward environmental responsibility, enhances the company's brand image, and demonstrates the company's forward-looking thinking.


As a key component of private charging, portable EV chargers are highly portable and flexibleproviding instant and convenient charging services at home, workplace, or on the road.

The simpler Soapbox series without a screen, the FLEX CHARGER and ePort series with smart screens for a richer experience, and the ePort C that provides three-phase fast charging form a strong product lineup of Workersbee portable EV chargers. In the while, we are still actively exploring more breakthroughs.

Depending on your business needs, we'll always find a better-matching solution. Please discuss with us and let us become your most trustworthy partner.

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