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  • Introducing Workersbee Flex Charger2: The Ultimate Solution for EV Charging on the Go Introducing Workersbee Flex Charger2: The Ultimate Solution for EV Charging on the Go
    Mar 06, 2024
    As EV sales surge, public charging facilities are still in short supply, and the cost and difficulty of installing home chargers are high. The market for portable EV chargers is boosting. Early last year, Allied Market Research released the Portable EV Charger Market, which estimated that the global market size will reach US$388.9 million by 2035.   The new portable charger Flex Charger 2 from Workersbee, a top-tier charging equipment manufacturer, stands out in the fierce market competition.   Next, let’s explore what benefits this portable charger, which combines good looks, excellent charging capabilities, reliability, intelligence, and safety, can bring to your business and your customers. 1. Efficient and flexible charging experience FLEX CHARGER 2 can be adapted to almost 99.9% of electric vehicles. Plug-in, reliable connectivity provides your customers with foolproof power. As a portable electric car charger, it can provide up to 7kw of power, more than three times that of the ordinary charger that comes with the car. This means car owners can easily recharge at home overnight or at the workplace in the daytime, without range anxiety.   In addition to 7kw, there is also a 3.5kw power available. Stable trickle charging better protects the health of the car battery. Car owners can set the charging current according to the power environment and needs—— 6-16A (3.5kW)/10-32A (7kW) current is optional, which is very flexible. You can also reserve a charging time to take full advantage of the time-of-use electricity price discount. All of the above can be easily achieved through the powerful control box.   Flex Charger 2 has a bigger LCD screen, and key charging information is visible. Even under strong light outdoors, it will not affect reading at all.     The responsive touch button design is simple and easy to understand, with almost no learning cost for car owners. Control charging, power on/off, and scheduled charging with just one touch. The charging process is visible and controllable through this small but powerful control box, no less the performance of fixed installation home and public chargers.   Unlike the high-standard electrical requirements of household and public charger installations, the Flex Charger 2 is very low. It charges on any standard 230V wall outlet, requiring no hard wiring and no need for an electrician to install it. One end is equipped with a Schuko or CEE plug, you only need to ensure the socket current matches the charging current. Whether as a backup charger for long trips or a daily charger for home use, it performs very well. Whether charging outdoors or in the garage, it is reliable, safe, and trustworthy.   2. EYE-CATCHING look In contrast to the common public model designs on the market, Flex Charger 2 boasts a futuristic and stylish design, attracting significant attention upon its launch. The minimalist white space design of the casing, the oversized display screen, and the indicator light allow car owners to control the real-time charging status at any time. It's both lightweight and sturdy and can easily placed in the trunk. The robust structural design also allows it to withstand extreme pressure.   3. Multi-scenario-friendly portability We can provide Handbags. The soft, premium cable easily stows away in the bag and then places in the trunk without taking up much space. As the car owner’s travel companion, it is always ready to provide power. In addition, optional wall brackets are available, for easy installation on the garage wall. Better cable management, taking care of both cables and the connector. The standard cable length is 5m, which can meet the needs of most charging scenarios, and the length can also be customized according to your requirements.   4. High-level multiple security protections Workersbee always puts charging safety first. Flex Charger 2 uses dual temperature control protection of the plug and control box to monitor the charging temperature in real time to ensure safe current transmission throughout the entire path. Excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, providing IP 67 protection level. Whether it is raining or snowing, the key parts of the charging connection can receive strong protection. Your customers don’t have to worry about charging safety and reliability in bad weather.   5. User-centered intelligence Besides setting charging through the control box screen, car owners can also connect the device to their mobile phone via Bluetooth. OTA remote upgrades can be performed, charging can be configured and checked at any time through the APP.   6. Trustable durability Workersbee always implements high-standard and high-quality production requirements. Each batch of products will undergo several rigorous tests before shipment to ensure the product's durability and service life. Considering the product is mainly used outdoors, Flex Charger2 is anti-ultraviolet, anti-drop, and anti-crush. Pliable TPU cable is flexible even for cold weather use. The product has passed CE/TUV/UKCA/ETL certification and meets online and offline sales requirements.     Market Insights As more and more consumers flock to the electric car market, drivers’ demand for charging convenience will also increase. The current deployment of public chargers is limited, while the wiring of household chargers is difficult and the electrical requirements are high, causing high installation costs. Therefore, with the widespread adoption of EVs, sales of portable EV chargers are bound to skyrocket. What benefits can Workersbee Flex Charger2 bring to B-side customers? · Reliable charging solutions: We can provide your customers with more reliable, convenient, and safe personal charging products. Ensure stable charging performance, integrate intelligent adjustable current and scheduled charging to meet the needs of different customers. · Enhance the brand-added value of your business: Use technological design and excellent product performance to add competitive advantages to your brand and attract more consumer attention. · Improve customer loyalty: The high-standard certification system and strong production strength have brought years of word-of-mouth accumulation to meet customers' quality requirements for charging products. · Increase profits: Develop pricing strategies to increase business profit margins as additional services to your business. We can help you improve production efficiency through our cooperation, thereby controlling costs and increasing profits. · Thoughtful after-sales service support: Workersbee has a complete after-sales service system. Respond to customer needs promptly, provide solutions, and continuously track usage to ensure customer satisfaction.   Workersbee always insists on product-centered, user-centered, technological innovation, and iterative optimization in the wave of electrified transportation. We keep enriching our product line to provide your business with more responsive solutions to market changes.   Conclusion Flex Charger 2 boasts a charging capacity of up to 3.5kw/7kw, making it ideal for charging EVs anytime and anywhere. Its sleek, portable, and lightweight design ensures convenient usage. Built in a highly readable LCD screen, users can easily adjust the current, schedule charging, and monitor the charging status effectively. Additionally, it supports Bluetooth remote upgrade and mobile APP control, offering enhanced flexibility and convenience. With dual temperature control protection and an IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating, Flex Charger 2 ensures safe and stable charging. It has also obtained TUV/CE/ETL/UKCA certification.   For further information about our products or to order samples, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are glad to provide you with a detailed quotation and customized solutions to meet your given needs.
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  • 10 tips to choose a good type 2 portable EV charger supplier 10 tips to choose a good type 2 portable EV charger supplier
    May 31, 2023
    WORKERSBEE Type 2 Portable EV Charger is an excellent choice for electric vehicle owners in the European market. It is a reliable, safe, and efficient way to charge electric cars in all European countries. WORKERSBEE is a European-mind EVSE factory and understands the European market. This article sorts out the points we should pay attention to when choosing a supplier of type 2 portable EV chargers.   1. The most important is to ensure the safety of the car owner when charging the EVs WORKERSBEE type2 EV Chargers are equipped with 8 advanced protections, including Overvoltage Protection, Undervoltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Grounding Protection, Undercurrent Protection, Leakage Protection, Surge Protection, and Temperature Protection. These protections ensure the safety of the EV Charger, as well as its users, and offer peace of mind when using the device. (The Overvoltage Protection prevents the charger from outputting too much voltage, which can cause damage to the charger or the device being charged. The Undervoltage Protection does the opposite, ensuring that the charger does not output too little voltage. Overcurrent Protection regulates the current output from the charger, preventing it from exceeding the maximum level. Grounding Protection prevents any electricity from leaking into the ground, which can be dangerous for users. The Undercurrent Protection prevents the charger from outputting too little current. Leakage Protection prevents any electricity from leaking out of the charger, while Surge Protection prevents any large, unexpected spikes in the voltage or current. Finally, Temperature Protection helps to ensure that the charger does not overheat, which can damage the device and its users. All of these protections ensure that Workersbee type2 EV Chargers are safe and secure to use.)   2. Every design of WORKERSBEE is based on the vital interests of the electric vehicles owners  This Type 2 EV charger is designed with a combination of intelligence and energy-saving features. It intelligently schedules the charging time and adjusts the current in six gears, Reservation charging function allows car owners to easily stagger peak electricity prices, saving charging time and money. Every country in Europe has a different way of purchasing electricity. For example, Italy uses F0, F1, F2, and F3 to represent different charging time stages. These stages correspond to different charging prices. With this smart electric car charging method, car owners can choose to charge at the cheapest time.   3. Having a stylish appearance can enhance the car owner's first impression. A stylish appearance can make the car owner leave the best impression at first sight. WORKERSBEE supports OEM and ODM design and provides logo customization services. They continue to release new products according to market demand. Choosing WORKERSBEE can help you occupy the electric car charging market.   4. Developing portable electric vehicle chargers has a large market potential We can divide electric vehicle owners into three categories: short-distance travel users (Weniglader), long-distance travel users (Vielfahrer), and users without fixed parking spaces (Laternenparker). The portable EV charger is necessary for these three types of users. It can be used as an alternative trunk for Vielfahrer and can be taken out anytime and anywhere when traveling. It can also be a home charging device for Weniglader. For Vielfahrer, it is the best choice for charging.   5. The trend of EV Chargers is more intelligent and digital  The new Type 2 EV charger adopts an intelligent charging system that can monitor and manage the charging process, providing more control for electric vehicle charging. We can judge the charging status through the indicator light on the portable EV charger. The high-definition led display shows charging status, temperature, fault display, etc. in real-time. It supports the electronic charging lock function of the vehicle. After parking and charging and locking the car, the vehicle will automatically lock the charging connector.   6. The product must be durable, strong, high quality, well received by customers The product must be durable, strong, high-quality, and well-received by customers. High-quality products are essential for garnering positive reviews and encouraging customers to repurchase. This is so important for the development of corporate brand reputation. This portable EV charger is made of pressure-resistant materials, and the explosion-proof grade reaches IK10. Even if it is run over by a car, it will not be damaged. WORKERSBEE has a complete quality inspection system. Each EV charger will undergo more than one hundred tests before shipment. They have a mature sales, production, quality inspection, freight, and after-sales system.   7. Have a perfect after-sales service system Have a perfect after-sales service system. WORKERSBEE is the leading manufacturer of EVSE in China. They not only have strong production customization capabilities but also have a large-scale incoming quality inspection and finished product storage capabilities. At present, WORKERSBEE EVSE series products have been exported to more than 60 countries. WORKERSBEE can provide localized services in Europe and China and will soon establish after-sales service in Vietnam and the United States.   8. Factory direct sales, shipping by sea, air, and land Factory direct sales and shipping by sea, air, and land. Factory direct sales eliminate the middleman’s price difference and let you get WORKERSBEE products with the highest cost performance. You can directly connect with the WORKERSBEE sales team.   9. Compared to peers, the 2-year warranty time is much longer WORKERSBEE insists on using the best raw materials and processes, and the strictest quality inspection process to produce EVSE series products. Therefore, WORKERSBEE's products provide a two-year warranty. Cooperating with WORKERSBEE can also provide lifetime technical support.   10. WORKERSBEE Provides a one-stop service of EVSE Products WORKERSBEE can provide cloth packing and carton packing for portable EV chargers. At the same time, we can also provide EV Cables, EV Connectors, and other EVSE series products. Contact us to get the latest product catalog.  
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