portable level 2 charger

  • How to start charging with a portable EV charger?
    Nov 02, 2021
    1. Firmly insert the power plug into the power outlet socket (e.g. wall socket). Ensure the outlet socket has a Max charging current of no more than 32A. Short press the switch to select among 10A, 16A, 20A, 24A, and 32A before inserting the charging plug into the EV socket. 2. Press the 2nd button on the control box to appoint the time to start charging. Each press of the 2nd button means charging in 1 hour. The user can set charging to begin in 12 hours by pressing the 2nd button 12 times. 3. Insert the EV connector into the inlet on the electric vehicle. Then you can short press the switch to check the charging time. 4. The device starts charging automatically after the green LED light begins to keep    
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