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  • The best way to choose a manufacturer of electric vehicle connectors The best way to choose a manufacturer of electric vehicle connectors
    Apr 24, 2023
    How to choose a good EV connector supplier?I think a good supplier can guarantee the quality of EV Conenctors, ensure the efficiency of supply, and have ability to continuously develop new products. WORKERSBEE EV Connector production line uses an automated visual inspection system to ensure 100% quality assurance in the production of each station. 360-degree selection of parts that are prone to quality problems, even fingerprints can be well photographed by the visual inspection system.  Each production station of WORKERSBEE is equipped with a PLC detection system. If any step of the EV Connector fails the 360-degree visual inspection, the production line will be stopped. Furthermore, we have a total monitoring system that allows us to monitor the operation of the entire production line at any time.  WORKERSBEE focuses on scientific research. In addition to 2 large factories, it is also equipped with 5 R&D centers. The technical team led by Dr. Yang Tao has broken through many technical problems. GEN 2.0 CCS2 EV Conenctor, liquid cooling ev cable, type 2 ev charger and other new products have been well received by customers.   WORKERSBEE is also equipped with 20 professional English salesmen, and has set up service centers in Asia and Europe. Ensure professional and timely handling of after-sales issues. What other characteristics do you think a good ev connector factory needs to have? WORKERBEE can also produce Portable EV Charger, EV cable, Wallbox Charger. More information please feel free to contact us.      
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