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  • User-Centered: Technical Exploration of GB/T DC Connector 4.0 User-Centered: Technical Exploration of GB/T DC Connector 4.0
    Jan 18, 2024
    According to the latest market data, China has overtaken Japan as the largest car export country. Although fuel vehicles still dominate among them, as countries continue to make decarbonization efforts, electric vehicles must be the future. With China's strong battery R&D and production capabilities, its exports of EVs will occupy an increasing share. In addition to the continuous increase in the share of GB/T EVs in China's local market, they are also popular in the Middle East and CIS countries.   The sales of electric vehicles will inevitably lead to the popularization of charging facilities of corresponding standards. GB/T DC charging is an effective means of quickly replenishing energy in public places. Its continuous upgrading and innovation play a vital role in promoting the development of EVs and the construction of a decarbonized society.   As a constantly innovative charging solution provider, Workersbee always adheres to user-centeredness. We believe that the charging experience of electric cars directly affects consumer satisfaction and even the adoption of EVs due to word-of-mouth communication.   As the first supplier to step into the wave of R&D and production of GB/T charging plugs, ours have now developed to the fourth generation.   According to the feedback we collected from customers, although our charging performance is satisfactory, sometimes there will be problems with the connector unlocking failing and can't unplug smoothly.  Engineers and marketers collected customer cases and further analyzed that it may be due to improper charging operation, the excessive weight of the DC cable, or the connector being dropped and damaged, causing the electronic lock inside the plug to malfunction.   This not only brings a poor charging experience to drivers but also increases the operating costs of charging stations. This means that the entire charging cable may need to be replaced, although the damage may only be to an electronic lock.     The engineering design team quickly responded to this and determined the upgrade direction of the GB/T DC connector: · Increase the locking strength of the lock hook, enhance compatibility with models on the market, and avoid failure to connect to the car due to improper operation. · Improve the stability of the electronic lock through structural adjustment, improve the stall strength of the electronic lock, ensure the safe and smooth start and end of the charging process,  and enhance the operational efficiency of the charging station. · Adjust the cable design to solve the problem of electromagnetic interference caused by individual chargers to micro-motion sensors and electronic lock signals when energized. · Further downsize the size of the electronic lock S switch, improve accuracy, and more efficient process control. · Optimize the structural design and adopt a quick-change structural design for electronic locks that are used frequently. Extend the service life of connectors, reduce customers' production and operating costs, and increase profits.   Finally, after multiple rounds of calculations, design changes, structural adjustments, and sample production testing, our product team fulfilled their promise.   The locking strength of the lock hook is increased, effectively reducing instability during the connection process and improving the firmness of the lock. The stall strength of the electronic lock is doubled, which increases the radial force on the rotating shaft and avoids error feedback on the electronic lock locking state under general external forces.   The internal cable shielding, previously dispersed with only four individual shields, has been optimized for greater efficiency and strength with a centralized shielding arrangement of three groups. This minimizes the potential for interference connectors caused by EMC overcutting chargers, enhancing compatibility with DC chargers in the market.   Moreover, a clever addition of pin insertion design on the electronic lock has transformed it into a quick-change structure that can be completed in just five steps.   It has perfectly passed a series of rigorous tests on the stability and durability of the connector electronic lock, including the electronic lock stall strength test, the life test under no-load and stall conditions, the lock rod stress test, and the lock hook stress. Finally bringing this delightful product to market.     Returning to the charging experience, Workersbee’s GB/T DC connector has achieved a continuous current output of 250A air-cooled and 600A liquid-cooled. The protection level achieves a high level of waterproof and dustproof IP 67, ensuring the safety and reliability of the charger. The connector handle is comfortable to hold and the force point is ergonomically designed. Even heavy DC cables can be plugged and unplugged with one hand.   We believe that the upgrade in the details, the electronic lock, will bring a more enjoyable charging experience for electric vehicle owners during fast charging. The connection with the vehicle is more stable, significantly reducing the chances of unlocking malfunctions, and ensuring safer, more reliable, and easier operations. This upgrade also greatly reduces the construction and operating costs of charging stations, enhancing driver satisfaction. The quick-change design for easily damageable components further lowers maintenance costs. The upgrade history of Workersbee's GB/T DC connectors for several generations has always been user-centered, pursuing details and insisting on innovation. With our keen market sense, cutting-edge R&D technology, and strong production strength, we are confident in collaboratively constructing an electrified future that satisfies consumers with all our outstanding partners.  
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  • Revolutionizing EV Charging: Introducing CCS2 Connector for High-Power DC Charging Revolutionizing EV Charging: Introducing CCS2 Connector for High-Power DC Charging
    Jan 10, 2024
    With the explosive growth in demand for electric vehicles, the need for EV charging infrastructure is also increasing rapidly. Especially for long-distance travel, there is a higher demand for DC high-power public chargers in highway corridors. Governments are making efforts to advance the construction of high-power charging stations,but the progress has been less than ideal due to the immense financial pressure, high initial costs, and various requirements for government incentives. The market needs a shot in the arm with high-performance and more cost-effective fast-charging product. Workersbee's natural-cooling CCS2 charging connector 1.1 is entering the market with full attention.   The CCS2 charging connector 1.1, is another exploration by the world-renowned charging solutions provider Workersbee in the EV charging revolution. Apply natural-cooling technology to support STABLE CONTINUOUS current output up to 375A, setting a new standard for natural-cooling performance in high-power DC charging. Apart from the improvement in charging efficiency, it has also made breakthroughs in technological innovation, once again leading the charging market in terms of reliability, safety, cost-effectiveness, and market applications.   The temperature rise generated by conductor resistance is a critical factor in the thermal losses of charging energy. To overcome this stubborn problem, product engineers use terminal ultrasonic welding technology to replace traditional riveting technology to reduce the resistance at the terminal connection, consequently lowering the temperature rise and ensuring that each component of the equipment works properly within the allowable temperature range.     With the support of natural-cooling technology, the charging connector can maintain a lower temperature rise range even during high-power charging, reducing the risk of overheating during charging sessions and allowing for a greater current to pass. What we can be confident about is that it can continuously charge at a high current of 375A. Through multi-sample laboratory testing, even if charged at a peak of 400A for about 60 minutes, the terminal temperature rise is still controlled within 50K in safety. The outstanding charging capability enables electric vehicles to gain more energy in a short time, providing EV owners with a more efficient charging experience. It also significantly enhances charging safety, ensuring the long-term stable operation of chargers.   Internally, the shell of the connector adopts the modular design makes it an efficiently producible standard component, further reducing component costs. The clever multiple-seal structure enhances the waterproof performance at the connector-cable junction, making it easy to achieve an IP55 protection level. It is not only waterproof and dustproof, but also moisture-proof, which is very reliable in humid environments in some areas.     It effectively prevents water vapor from penetrating the charging plug, avoiding potential short circuits and leakage accidents. Whether in harsh weather conditions with rain or snow or high-humidity environments, it offers a reliable protective barrier, ensuring that the charger remains in an efficient, stable, and safe working state.   Additionally, it boasts a series of powerful safety protection measures. The material selection for product manufacturing is also rigorous, requiring materials to possess high flame resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, and high oil resistance. Such excellence in R&D and production requirements prompts us to provide more reliable charging solutions for charging stations, while also extending the service life of charging connectors and cables, meeting user demands for high standards and high-quality products, and reducing maintenance costs.   Compared to AC charging stations, DC charging stations have higher charging efficiency and are more favored by car owners who need rapid recharge on highways. Compared to liquid-cooling systems, the CCS2 natural-cooling charging connector has a clear advantage in cost-effectiveness. Its high compatibility with natural-cooling charging stations reduces the complex and expensive building costs of liquid cooling systems, cable investment costs, and operational maintenance costs, making fast charging more economically feasible and contributing to the widespread adoption of CCS2 connectors and even electric vehicles.   Workersbee's CCS2 natural-cooling connector 1.1 has not only achieved significant technological breakthroughs but has also demonstrated strong competitiveness in the market. Through a forward-looking global market layout and headquarters establishment in Europe, the market trial deployment of new products has yielded exciting feedback. The charging connector is highly compatible and adaptable to DC charging stations in the European market, and easily be accessed. With TUV and CE certifications, its safety and reliability have received unanimous praise from internal test customers, and expressing strong expectations for further in-depth cooperation.   Workersbee's CCS2 natural-cooling connector 1.1 supports optional current configurations of 250A to 375A, easily achieving more economical DC fast charging through the seamless integration with natural-cooling technology. It effectively monitors the working temperature during the charging process and provides reasonable feedback, ensuring the long-term safe and stable working of the equipment. We look forward to establishing friendly and positive connections with all outstanding automakers, charger manufacturers, and charging station builders, collectively driving the electric vehicle charging industry into a more efficient, safe, and sustainable future.
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  • The best way to choose a manufacturer of electric vehicle connectors The best way to choose a manufacturer of electric vehicle connectors
    Apr 24, 2023
    How to choose a good EV connector supplier?I think a good supplier can guarantee the quality of EV Conenctors, ensure the efficiency of supply, and have ability to continuously develop new products. WORKERSBEE EV Connector production line uses an automated visual inspection system to ensure 100% quality assurance in the production of each station. 360-degree selection of parts that are prone to quality problems, even fingerprints can be well photographed by the visual inspection system.  Each production station of WORKERSBEE is equipped with a PLC detection system. If any step of the EV Connector fails the 360-degree visual inspection, the production line will be stopped. Furthermore, we have a total monitoring system that allows us to monitor the operation of the entire production line at any time.  WORKERSBEE focuses on scientific research. In addition to 2 large factories, it is also equipped with 5 R&D centers. The technical team led by Dr. Yang Tao has broken through many technical problems. GEN 2.0 CCS2 EV Conenctor, liquid cooling ev cable, type 2 ev charger and other new products have been well received by customers.   WORKERSBEE is also equipped with 20 professional English salesmen, and has set up service centers in Asia and Europe. Ensure professional and timely handling of after-sales issues. What other characteristics do you think a good ev connector factory needs to have? WORKERBEE can also produce Portable EV Charger, EV cable, Wallbox Charger. More information please feel free to contact us.      
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