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How to start electric vehicle charging business?

How to start electric vehicle charging business?

Feb 23, 2023

In recent years, new energy vehicle industry has attracted the attention of investors from all walks of life. Whether it is portable ev charger or ev charge point, ev charge station series products have a good trend. Now investing in charging stations is just like investing in gas stations when cars first entered the market. It is a good time. How to join the investment ranks in this favorable period?

Why is it said that the new energy charging series products in 2023 are now in a favorable period?

The latest statistics show that in 2022, global EV sales will account for 10% of all new car sales for the first time, up from 8.3% in 2021. Global electric vehicle sales will total approximately 7.8 million units in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 68%. In 2022, the total global new car sales will be 80.6 million, a year-on-year decrease of about 1%.

electric vehicleIn 2023, the global tourism industry will usher in a strong recovery. In 2023, the number of global international tourist arrivals may return to 80%-95% of the pre-epidemic level. UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili said: "The new year has brought more reasons for optimism for the global tourism industry. UNWTO expects the tourism industry to perform strongly this year, even in the face of various challenges such as the economic situation and continued geopolitical uncertainty. Economic factors are likely to influence how people travel in 2023, and UNWTO expects demand for domestic and regional travel to remain strong, helping to drive a broader recovery in tourism." 

How will consumers choose EV charging products?

With the increase of electric vehicles sales and the acceleration of population mobility, the demand for car charging products is also increasing. Usually the charging frequency of the ev is: when the daily power consumption is 10%, it needs to be charged once a week. When the daily power consumption is 20%, it needs to be charged once every three days. When the daily power consumption is 30%, it needs to be charged every two days. When the daily power consumption is above 40%, it needs to be charged once a day. When people travel by tram, the electric car charger becomes more popular because it is easy to carry and does not require a separate electric meter.

electric vehicle chargingHow to choose a reliable supplier?

After understanding the tram charging market in your city, it is very important to choose a reliable supplier.

We can choose suppliers from the following points

1. Product quality

Quality first is the consistent principle of WORKERSBEE. We not only have UL, CE and other certificates, but also have an independent testing agency in the factory. Regular and quantitative spot checks are carried out on products, and relevant tests can also be completed according to customer needs. It is recommended to start cooperation with customers from the sample list.

2. Service staff

Professional service personnel can help you better explore the market. Taking the European market as an example, we can not only achieve language barrier-free, but also have local service agencies to understand the problems that often occur in the local market.

WORKERSBEE's service personnel have a deep understanding of the product, communicate with customers enthusiastically and patiently, and are trustworthy partners

3. Production capacity

It is recommended to visit the factory on site if conditions permit. A company with proper management, tidy workshop and good team spirit is the guarantee of long-term cooperation and timely and high-quality supply. WORKERSBEE always welcome you.

4. R&D

With the rapid development of the vehicle charging industry, our charging products will also join more intense competition. The strength of the R&D team determines the future competitiveness.

WORKERSBEE sincerely invites you to share the market of the car charging industry.



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