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how to use the type2 to type1 ev adapter

how to use the type2 to type1 ev adapter

Dec 08, 2022

Use Instruction

We recommend to use the following steps: 

1. Plug in the Type 2 end of the adapter to the charging cable 

2. Plug in the Type 1 end of the adapter to the car’s charging socket 

3. After the Type 2 to Type 1 adapter has clicked in place you are ready for the charge*


*Don’t forget to activate the charging station


When you finish with the charge, disconnect the vehicle side first and then the charging station side. Remove the cable from the charging station when not in use.


Always check the cable, adapter and the contacts for damage and contamination before using them.

Never use a damaged product for charging.

Never use contacts that are dirty or damp.

Only connect the charging adapter to vehicle inlets and infrastructure socket outlets that are protected against water, moisture and liquids.

Never use force to disconnect the plugs. Dangerous electric arcs could result in serious injury or death.

There are electric vehicles that can be started with the cable connected. Always make sure to disconnect it before driving away.

If the connector is smoking or melting, never touch it. If possible, stop the charging process. Press the emergency stop switch on the charging station in any case.

Make sure that the cable is out of the reach of children. Only persons with a valid driver’s license for motor vehicles can use it.


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