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portable ev charger frequently questions

portable ev charger frequently questions

Nov 08, 2022

1. Can I customize the power plug for the charger?

Yes, we can customize the power plug for you to fit your local need. Among them, UK plug, Schuko plug, CEE plugs, Australia plug, and NEMA plugs are the most common.


2. What's the output power of this charger?

The max output power is 3.6KW for the 6-16A one. The max output power of the 16-32A portable EV charger is 7.2KW.


3. What's the earth leakage protection of the charger?

The earth leakage protection can be RCD Type A 30mA or RCD Type A+DC 6mA (RCD Type B). You can choose the one that fits your needs.


4. Can I add my logo to the charger?

Yes, you can add your logo on the EV plug and the control box if the product quantity reaches our MOQ.


5. What's the cable length? Can the cable length by 7.5m or 10m?

The default cable length is 5m. You can have a different length, but better not exceed 10m.


6. What certificate do you have for this charger?

We have the CE and TUV certificates for this charger.


7. Can I use the charger on rainy days?

Yes, the protection level of this charger is IP66. However, we would suggest you have the power plug protected on rainy days.


8. Is 16A the only current available?

No. The current of this charger can be 6-16A or 16-32A. You can set the current before inserting the EV plug into the EV inlet.


9. Charging costs more at peak hours. Can I delay the EV charging by setting the charger?

Yes, you can appoint the charging start time with this charger. There is a button on the upper cover of the charger.


10. Will this charger charge my VWID4?

Yes. The EV plug can be Type 2, Type 1, or GB/T. No matter what the plug is, this charger is compatible with almost all hybrid cars and electric cars on the market.


11. Can I have customized packaging for the charger?

Yes, the charger can come with a soft cable bag, a color box, a hard case, etc. Just let us know your needs, and we will provide packaging solutions accordingly.


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