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Power Up Your Business:7 Benefits of Owning an EVSE Charger

Power Up Your Business:7 Benefits of Owning an EVSE Charger

Mar 14, 2024

The widespread adoption of electric vehicles has been identified as a key measure to improve climate impact and build a sustainable future. The sales of electric vehicles have accelerated in the past years, but the corresponding charging infrastructure has not kept pace.


A significant reason why many people hesitate or worry about transitioning to electric vehicles is the lack of charging infrastructure.


For many drivers unable to own a home charger due to housing conditions, EVSE charging at the workplace is far better than public fast charging.


Enterprises can benefit from owning EVSE chargers in many ways. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of owning an EVSE charger for businesses. From providing safe and convenient charging that attracts talent and customers, increases revenue, and saves costs, to the positive impact on the environment and climate that enhances a company's reputation.


1. Attract talents and increase employee benefits

A survey by an analytics company shows that when applying for jobs, more than 70% of people will prioritize companies that will take positive actions on climate change. They are more willing to work in environmentally responsible companies. More than 60% of people said they would be more willing to stay if they were satisfied with the company's positive impact on society and the environment. Those concerned about climate and environment are usually young, highly educated, and highly skilled elites.


If the company provides EVSE chargers, employees can charge at the workplace. There is no need to worry about running out of battery on the way home from work, reducing the negative impact of commuting on employees returning to the office work.


Also, free or discounted charging can be offered to employees. Act as an attractive employee benefit that attracts them back to the office and increases employee satisfaction.


2. Increase convenience and make everything easier

We know that charging at home is the best option for charging cost (expense and convenience) and battery health. However many residents do not have such conditions. So the workplace becomes the second best place to recharge after the home.


Not only employees who drive electric cars can enjoy this convenience, but also company business cars. The same goes for customers or partners.


Car owners can charge their EVs during working hours without taking up extra time, and will no longer have range anxiety and the trouble of finding a charger.


workersbee evse


3. Improve customer attractiveness

A company that can provide EV charging is certainly attractive. This means that the company takes climate issues seriously and is willing to take action, which usually results in stronger employee loyalty. These are very eye-catching bonus points for customers or partners, which means they will receive better long-term services and can increase their market competitiveness through cooperation.


Companies can also register charging points on Google Maps by owning EVSE chargers, expanding their business visibility, and attracting the attention of new customers. The convenience of charging also increases customer satisfaction.


4. Make money bigger and increase revenue sources

Adding EVSE chargers to the workplace can broaden the business scope and increase profit.

Charging can be offered to customers as an additional service. You can provide charging services to existing customers, attract new customers through charging services, and cross-sell other services or products.



Regarding charging, discounts or priority access can be offered based on the customer's membership level. Charging fee rate thresholds can also be set to attract electric car owners who work or live nearby to charge here frequently.


In addition, the charger itself can serve as advertising assets, allowing companies or partners to display their products or services and generate advertising revenue and marketing exposure.


5. Cost savings

Workplace charging supports lower charging fees for employees who drive EVs than public charging. Similarly, the company's business cars can save costs and temporary car charging waiting time.


If the charger is opened to the public, it will gain greater passenger flow and greatly increase the usage rate of the charger. This allows installation costs to be effectively shared and makes it easier to earn profits.


Government actions to combat climate change often include incentives for charging facilities. If there happens to be an incentive subsidy for charger installation or operation in the local area, it will also be a considerable cost coverage.


6. More trustworthy security

When car owners are charging, besides charging speed, they are more concerned about charging safety. Not only does it include personal and equipment safety during the charging process, but it also includes the impact on electric vehicle batteries.


Having an EVSE charger and using AC slow charging during working hours is more conducive to maintaining battery health and extending battery service life.


The EVSE charger self-selected according to the standards is more certain, stable, safe, and trustworthy.



Workersbee, a top-tier EVSE manufacturer, has been working in the EV charging field for more than ten years, insisting on product innovation and high-quality standards. The products have passed high-standard certifications such as TUV/CE/UKCA/CB/ETL/UL. Production and shipment will undergo rigorous testing at all levels. Sales channels are spread worldwide, and have won consistently high reputation and praise.


7. Positive environmental impact

Company's establishment of EVSE chargers will not only improve the satisfaction of employees who own EVs and increase their chances of driving them every week but also encourage non-EV employees to switch to EVs.

It not only builds up the company's environmental image and enhances brand value (this has worked in many cooperations) but also greatly improves energy efficiency, which is an effective action for the company to practice carbon reduction and sustainable development.



Invest in workplace EVSE chargers to make charging more convenient, cheaper, freer, and safer.

In addition to improving employee happiness and enhancing customer satisfaction, workplace charging can drive business growth and revenue while building a positive environmental image for the company. On a deeper level, it also contributes to the sustainable future of human society.


If you would like to have an EVSE charger in your workplace, please contact us to learn more about the charging solutions that are suitable for your business.

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