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WORKERSBEE is showcasing latest products at EVS36

WORKERSBEE is showcasing latest products at EVS36

Jun 14, 2023

EVS36 provides a great platform for companies to showcase their latest innovations and connect with professionals from the electric vehicle industry. For WORKERSBEE, this event presents an excellent opportunity to exhibit its latest products and services in the electric vehicle sector.




Among our impressive lineup of products, you will find the 700A high power liquid cooled DC EV Plug, the 350A air cooled DC EV Plug, the 80A American standard AC EV Plug, the 40A portable EV charger, and more. Each product is expertly crafted to provide optimal charging performance and convenience for our customers.


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Trust WORKERSBEE, the leader in advanced EV charging technology, to provide you with the best charging experience possible. By following WORKERSBEE, you can expect to receive regular updates on advancements in this field, including new products, features, and industry trends. Whether you are a consumer, manufacturer, or researcher, WORKERSBEE can provide valuable insights into the world of new energy charging technology.



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