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New arrive air cooling ev charger

New arrive air cooling ev charger

Apr 11, 2023

With the popularity of electric vehicles and the increase in market share. The problem of electric vehicles charging has become a concern of everyone. At the same time, there are various technical difficulties to be overcome. How to increase the speed of EV charging while ensuring safety? How to increase the charging speed of EV while reducing after-sales problems and maintenance costs? Vehicle owners and ev charging companies put forward various demands on WORKERSBEE. In this context, WORKERSBEE air cooling ev cableev connector was born.

To enhance its performance, air-cooled EV cables combine conductive and cooling materials.

WORKERSBEE is designed with safety in mind.Therefore, TPU is used as the main material of air cooling ev cable.TPU material has strong wear resistance, load carrying capacity and impact resistance. At the same time, it is also a material with excellent elasticity. In this way, it is convenient for the builder to operate even in a narrow space, and avoids the danger of EV CABLE bending during operation.

WORKERSBEE's choice of TPU material is also considering the needs of European and American customers. TPU material processing and reprocessing can be operated more easily, reducing the labor cost of electric operators. The glossy design makes WORKERSBEE EV Cable easier to clean.



The cold resistance of TPU material is very strong. Even countries with very cold winters like Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland can use this air cooling ev cable without any pressure.


With ultrasonic welding, WORKESBB EV Plugs are made more durable

Ultrasonic welding technology employs high-frequency vibrations to melt the materials at the joint. Makes the joints tighter and also creates an airtight seal. Lowered resistance for electric vehicle charging.

High power EV plug

Air cooling ev cable and liquid cooling ev cable have lower maintenance cost and higher safety factor.

Air-cooled EV charging cables offer greater reliability. Since liquid cooling requires the use of additional mechanical components such as water pumps and coolers, these components can fail, affecting the performance of the charging cable. In contrast, air cooling does not require additional mechanical components and therefore has a lower failure rate. Additionally, liquid cooling requires periodic coolant changes, while air cooling is maintenance-free.


Would you like to use this air cooling technology for electric car charging? 

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