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The next generation of fast charging technology for EVs

The next generation of fast charging technology for EVs

Apr 10, 2023

WORKERSBEE GEN 2.0 EV plug integrating multiple research results.It is also a major breakthrough for electric vehicle dc fast charging area.It is our firm belief that this technology will be widely adopted on electric car charging stations.

The appearance, sealing, and structural perfection of this product are all excellent.

This ev plug adopts ultrasonic welding process to replace the traditional welding and bonding process. The ultrasonic welding process has the advantages of high production efficiency, high welding strength, and good sealing.WORKERSBEE pays attention to the user's feelings, and connects multiple cables in parallel to the terminals. Improved the appearance structure and water resistance of the EV Plug. Waterproof grade IP55 after plugging in; Charging Plug body waterproof grade IP67;

OEM EV plug

The technology fully considers the potential safety hazards associated with charging electric cars. 

Use chemically stable dimethyl silicone oil and glycol water as coolant.CCS2 above 250A adopts liquid cooling structure.Adding a liquid-cooling transfer structure to the original traditional air-cooled structure.Coolant enters this component for forced cooling, and circulates to take away heat.

It can measure the temperature of each DC power contact to prevent overheating, which is safe and reliable. Temperature switches and temperature sensors can be selected for temperature measurement.

EV cable OEM

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