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Workersbee European company was officially established!

Workersbee European company was officially established!

Oct 16, 2022

In October 2022, Workersbee Charging Europe was officially established and headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Recently, Mr. Robert Snoeijenbos and Ms. Anna Elferink, Director of the Cooperation Department of the International Department of Utrecht Province, held a reception ceremony to warmly welcome Mr. Ye Ning, CEO of Xiaofeng Charging, Dr. Yang Tao, CTO, and Daniel Tang, Vice President of Xiaofeng Charging Europe. friendly talks.


Robert warmly welcomes Xiaofeng charging to Utrecht. The Netherlands is a leading country in constructing clean energy in Europe. Utrecht is also a highly concentrated area of the new energy industry in the Netherlands. Promote the construction of a green city in the Utrecht District, improve urban functions, and create a green and livable city.


After the talks, the official Wechat of the Utrecht District of the Netherlands immediately posted:

Welcome to Utrecht Region, WORKERSBEE. We are delighted you chose to relocate your electric vehicle charging equipment company to Utrecht Region - adding to the sustainable profile of our region. And we are flattered our meeting was the final push in this decision. We look forward to working together and helping your international staff settle in.

workersbee ev charging

Mr. Ye Ning, CEO of workersbee EV Charging, said that the European market has broad prospects. We will build a European branch of Xiaofeng Charging in the Netherlands. We will prepare to create a localized service team and technical team, and build our own warehousing and logistics services to facilitate and quickly respond to the needs of European customers. , to provide European customers with localized services such as product technical support, equipment maintenance, pre-sales, and after-sales in a timely and efficient manner.



It is the general trend for brands to go overseas, and preemptive strategic planning is an important cornerstone and guarantee for brands going overseas to achieve global development and maintain long-term strong growth. Create an overseas strategy and business barriers that aggregate brand and channel construction, so as to earn more dividends and growth for Xiaofeng charging in the overseas market.



It is understood that in the Netherlands, the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles will be banned in 2030. In the future, electric vehicles will further increase as shared vehicles and private vehicles. It is foreseeable that the development speed of the charging pile industry is bound to be faster than the new energy vehicle market in the next few years. speed up. The presence of Xiaofeng Charge will inject "green vitality" into the improvement of the local energy structure, promote the sustainable development of local communities, help the green transformation of production and lifestyle in a natural and romantic way, create a sustainable and clean future, and follow Van Gogh's writings. A silent and warm mysterious world.

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