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OMG EV cable manufacturer

OMG EV cable manufacturer

Mar 15, 2023

With the increasing market penetration of new energy vehicles, investing in electric vehicle charging equipment has become one of the most popular investment projects in recent years. Because most of the communication piles in Europe use ev sockets, and there is no ev connector for docking with cars, there is a huge demand for ev cables in the market. So how to choose a good ev cable manufacturer for investment cooperation?

What we should pay attention to is the production capacity, detail processing, quality control ability, customization ability of the ev cable factory.


A strong factory can guarantee timely supply


A complete supply system ensures the production efficiency and cost control of each link. A complete testing process ensures the implementation of every step from raw material supply to packing and delivery.

ev cable factory


To ensure quality from every detail such as ev cable cutting and material selection


We will make a drawing before cutting the cable to confirm the specifications and models of the ev cable and whether there are any special requirements. Let the ev cable be sorted and straightened by the pay-off frame and the buffer frame. This ensures a flat cut surface when starting to cut the cable. The cutting machine will be adjusted every time before cutting. Set the wire length, tail stripping length, head stripping diameter, etc. according to the product's drawing.

ev cable manufacturer

After the ev cable is cut, place it neatly on the workbench. The staff will use special scissors to clean and remove the filler in the cable. Trim each length of core wire. Then go to the next step (according to the customer's needs), install the ev connector.

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