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4 reasons to choose WORKERSBEE EV Plugs

4 reasons to choose WORKERSBEE EV Plugs

Mar 28, 2023

The safety and portability of electric car charging are issues that car owners are very concerned about. WORKERSBEE adopts encapsulation technology to make the protection level performance of  EV plug reach IP68.

WORKERSBEE will introduce this widely acclaimed ev plug sealing technology.


First and foremost, the safety of EV Plug 

Encapsulation process is adopted for our G2.0 Type 2 plug for the pin-wire crimping part and wire waterproofness. The protection level is up to IP68 when coupled. Encapsulation at the pin-wire crimping part can completely prevent the copper wire of the crimping part from being exposed and contacting water vapor or liquid, and minimize the risk of the crimping part being oxidized and the crimping resistance becoming larger. And the wires inside the casing is simple and clear, meaning it's not easy to cause safety accidents.

In our G2.0 Type 2 EV plug, the integrated encapsulation technology is adopted for the fixation of cable to the plug. The wires are encapsulated with rubber. The encapsulation runs from the cable inside the plug casing to a certain length of cable outside the plug. With this technology, the cable can not only be fixed firmly, but is also well protected. What's more, IP67 level is ensured thanks to this technology.

With the encapsulation technology applied to the pin-wire crimping part and the cable jacket, our G2.0 Type 2 EV cable’s protection level reaches IP67. After immersing the front cable into water and piping gas to the end of the cable, there no bubbles. Immerse the cable 1m deep in the water of the waterproofness test cabinet for 30 minutes, take it out and wipe dry the outside of the cable. Do general electric performance tests to the sample cable. The tests show the cable works well after 30 minutes' immersion in the water.



WORKERSBEE has realized the production automation of G2.0 Type 2 plugs

After large-scale production and market verification. Its waterproof performance and safety have been field-proven.

After applying the encapsulation technology to our automatic production lines, our production efficiency is highly improved. Each manual production lines with 15 workers, produces 600pcs of AC EV charging cables a day. Each automatic production line, with only 8 workers, produces 1300 pcs of AC EV charging cables per day. Despite a 50% reduction in labor force, we see 200% production efficiency.

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Compared with the traditional Type 2 EV Charging Cable, it is more durable and firm

G2.0 Type 2 ev cable adopts Crown spring technology. The traditional Type 2 EV Charging Cable adopts Split groove structure G2.0 Type 2 EV plug is of higher protection grade ,durability,and ,more wear-resistant

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WORKERSBEE G2.0 Type 2 EV plug is more convenient and convenient

WORKERSBEEG2.0 Type 2 EV plug has a total of 33 components, while the traditional Type 2 EV Charging plug has 31 components. The smooth structure makes WORKERSBEE G2.0 Type 2 EV plug more portable and easier to install.


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