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International Electric Vehicle Charging Products Exhibition

International Electric Vehicle Charging Products Exhibition

Mar 21, 2023

WORKERSBEE will attend an exhibition( Battery Tech Expo),on April 20th.

WORKERSBEE is the manufacturer of EV Cable,Portable EV Charger,EV Connectors.WORKERSBEE  will have more than 8 hours of time to interact with everyone face to face.



Who is suitable to participate in the exhibition?

1. WORKERSBEE'S CUSTOMERS. Welcome WORKERSBEE's customers, especially those in Europe, to come and meet us. Thank you for your continued trust in WORKERSBEE.

2. Friends who are interested in WORKERSBEE charging products. Welcome everyone to come to have a deeper understanding of WORKERSBEE.

3. Interested in the electric car charging industry. We are looking for manufacturers of electric vehicle charging related products.

4. Interested in electric vehicle charging related industries. You can discuss future trends with WORKERSBEE.


How to participate in this exhibition?

Address:St Quentin Gate, Telford, Shropshire, TF3 4JH

Exhibition No.: B9

Exhibitor URL:https://www.batterytechexpo.co.uk/?page_id=5707

Linkedin Group:https://www.linkedin.com/groups/14209082/

Whatsapp Group:https://chat.whatsapp.com/HGZkcCnlZcz5iq89Xsdp6t

Scan the QR code below to join WORKERSBEE WHATSAPP GROUP in advance.


Communicate and interact with us in advance.

battery tech expo

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