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OMG portable EV charger manufacturer

OMG portable EV charger manufacturer

Mar 16, 2023

With the increase of market penetration of new energy vehicles, people's charging equipment for new energy vehicles is no longer limited to charging at fixed charging stations. In rural areas, during travel, electric cars owners prefer to be able to charge at places with household EV sockets at any time. So portable ev charger became a bestseller. So how to become a dealer of ev charger? How to choose a good ev charger factory?

Perfect supply chain 

Electric vehicle charger includes three parts: EV cable, EV connector, and control box. And WORKERSBEE can produce these three products at the same time. The integrity of the supply chain and the quality of each part of the portable ev charger are guaranteed.

ev charger factory

The control box is a precision accessory and needs to be produced in the purification workshop 

All staff must wear dust-proof clothing, dust caps, and gloves. Ensure that the production environment is sterile, static-free, dust-free, and free of harmful gases. Because tiny dust or inconspicuous static electricity may cause the control box to be short-circuited, burned or scrapped. Producing the EV charger control box in the purification workshop can not only avoid the short circuit of the control box, but also prolong the service life of the control box.

portable ev charger

Own your own branded ev charger

No matter what kind of dealer you are, you may want to sell products with your own brand LOGO. Workersbee supports oem, odm. Support laser laser and silk screen two forms of logo customization.

custom ev charger

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